Security Officer Advanced Course Level 1-3

80 Hours - $1,795


This API Academy course is designed to give students an edge over their contemporaries in carrying out their assignments within the framework of state mandated guidelines and in strict accordance with established security industry standards of performance, reliability and excellence. This course of instruction and selected modules is offered Monday through Saturday each week, excepting holidays. The course is designed to lead to employment as an armed or unarmed security guard. Students will be required to pass a mid-term and a final examination covering selected aspects of the overall course of instruction.

1. Classroom note taking
2. Orientation
3. Ethics
4. Public relations and attitude
5. Emotionally disturbed persons (EDP)
6. Reporting unusual or criminal activity
7. Powers to arrest
8. Basic officer survival
9. Pepper spray/mace
10. Crowd Control
11. Detention and arrest
12. Introduction to law
13. Report writing
14. Workplace violence awareness
15. Aspects of civil and criminal liability
16. Aspects of civil rights
17. Foot patrol
18. Blood borne pathogens/disease prevention/AIDS awareness
19. Safety awareness
20. Fire suppression awareness
21. Explosives and bomb threat procedures
22. Advanced Air Taser Weapon
23. Firearms Pg. 2 Intermediate
24. PC 837, citizens arrest, search and seizure
25. Slips, trips and falls
26. Advanced report writing
27. Use of Force
28. Basic crowd control
29. Anger/stress management
30. Court testimony
31. Security assessment

Security Officer Advanced Course Level 2: 320 Hours - $3,950

This advanced security course of instruction (minimum 2 students) has been carefully designed to provide the student with a complete understanding of the knowledge and skills necessary to complete a wide variety of assigned tasks including executive protection and body guard. This course also provides the student with the attitude, advanced knowledge, skills, understanding, proper certifications and licenses necessary to enter the security industry as an armed uniformed security officer. Students will, under the strict supervision and guidance of expert instructors, be taught standard methods of handling medium to high risk duty assignments. This API Academy course is designed to give students an edge over their contemporaries in carrying out their assignments within the framework of California state law, mandated guidelines and in strict accordance with established security industry standards of performance, reliability and excellence.

1. Classroom note taking
2. Ethics
3. Emotionally disturbed persons (EDP)
4. Reporting unusual or criminal activity
5. Advanced License and Certification - 48 hours

a. Orientation
b. Public relations and attitude
c. Powers to arrest
d. Crimes in progress
e. Basic officer survival
f. Pepper spray/mace
g. Crowd Control
h. Introduction to law
i. Report writing
j. Advance Air Taser Weapon
k. Firearms
l. PC 837, citizens arrest and handcuffing
m. Search and seizure
n. Use of force
o. Loss prevention
p. Constitutional law

6. Detention and arrest
7. School Security Officer
8. Inventory shrinkage/Loss prevention
9. Security investigations
10. Surveillance
11. Aspects of civil and criminal liability
12. Aspects of civil rights
13. Foot patrol
14. Restricted access
15. Safety awareness
16. Handling animals
17. Fire suppression awareness
18. News media relations
19. Explosives and bomb threats
20. Workplace violence awareness
21. Advanced report writing
22. Crime scene containment
23. Coroner’s cases
24. Basic crowd control
25. Disease prevention/Blood borne pathogens/AIDS awareness
26. Anger/stress management
27. Slips, trips and falls
28. Back injury prevention
29. Hazardous materials awareness
30. Legal update and civil liability
31. Public relations, attitude and crime prevention
32. Patrol procedures
33. Sexual harassment
34. Field problems and exercises
35. Advanced penal code
36. Court testimony
37. Security assessments
38. Personal appearance/uniform/hygiene
39. Advanced firearms
40. Concealed weapons training
41. Advanced weapons training

42. Advanced handcuffing
43. Work place communication
44. Advanced patrol
45. Bomb threats
46. Evacuation
47. Law enforcement relations
48. Scanners, radios and cell phones pg. 2 advanced
49. Introduction to basic office equipment
50. Traffic control
51. Executive protection

Security Officer Annual Recertification: 24 hours - $50 API Graduates

This course, the first of its kind in the industry, has been designed to accommodate the growing demand for recertification of armed, fully licensed and certified security officers, as well as unarmed security officers. It will provide the already experienced security officer's with the opportunity to update and test his/her proficiency as well as keep pace with the changes that occur within the security industry. Administrative, management, and clerical security personnel may find this course beneficial as well. This course of instruction is offered on an ongoing basis and all security officers should consider recertification at least annually as a method of maintaining their attitudes, knowledge, skills, training and ability to conduct themselves in a professional manner. Officers who attend this course will receive a certificate of “Annual Recertification”. Advance enrollment is required. This course is designed to accommodate a minimum of ten (10) students. For officers who are certified to work in an unarmed capacity, this course of instruction will provide them with an opportunity to audit, with or without hands-on experience, Taser and firearms training. Unarmed officers will be required to participate in the lectures and observe firearms and Taser training scenarios. For many officers and other security personnel, being exposed to these activities and knowing something about them makes them better prepared to act in a professional manner.

Course will include:
1. Taser or Pepper Spray review -- 4 hours
2. Powers to arrest -- 2 hours
3. Legal update -- 2 hours
4. PC 837- 2 hours
5. Firearms lecture (handgun) -- 4 hours
6. Firearms (handgun) range -- 4 hours
7. Aspects of criminal liability -- 1 hour
8. Aspects of civil liability -- 1 hour
9. Public relations -- 1 hour
10. Chemical devices -- 1 hour
11. Handcuffing -- 2 hours

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