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The next Exposed Firearms and Concealed (CCW) Course (Initial) will be held on January 13, 2018 (Classroom) and October 15, 2017 (Range). Renewals will also be held on January 14,2018. Our next Firearms Class schedule is as follows. January 27,2018 (Initial Exposed Firearms and/or CCW) - Classroom January 28,2018 - Range Day for CCW and Exposed Firearms Both Initial and Requals.
Taser Class and Pepper Spray Class will be held February 3,2018 Must have 3 student minimum signed up.




Security Guard Basic - Phase 1: 8 hours - $234.00

All Phase classes (1 2 or 3) are held any day of the week Monday thru Friday starting about 10:00 AM (1000 Hours).  You need to take Phase 1 first but then can take any of the others in any order.
This is the first step inobtaining a security guard card. Upon completion of this training the officer may apply for a security guard card. At API Academy we go the extra step. Not only do we provide the training, we are also a one stop shop. We will do your live scan fingerprinting on site as well as make the application on your behalf,. We will also track your progress thru the application process.
Powers to Arrest Test
Weapons of Mass Destruction Video and Test
Live Scan Finger Printing
BSIS Guard Card Application
Security Guard Basic - Phase 2: 16 hours - $168.00

This is the second part of the training required for your guard card to be in compliance with California Law. Within these next 4 courses, you will learn some of the basics of the security industy. These courses are instructed by an instructor in a classroom environment. 

1) Public Relations
2) Communications and it's Significance
3) Observation and Documentation
4) Legal Aspects and Liability
These classes are taught on a schedule, refer to the posted schedule for your area.
Security Guard Basic - Phase 3: 16 hours - $168.00
This is the third part of the training required for your guard card to be in compliance with California Law. Within these next 4 course you will learn more of the basics of the security industry. The final courses we HIGHLY suggest you take are listed below, these courses are listed as "Elective Courses" as such can be substituted for other course offered, some of the additional courses are available but at an additional cost - please contact your instructor for information.
1) Crowd Control
2) Workplace Violence
3) Handling Difficult People
4) Officer Safety / Officer Survival
Some of the other courses student use to fulfill "Phase 3" are as follows: There maybe an additional fee for some of these courses, check with the instructor.
Chemical Agents - Pepper Spray, MACE - 4 hours
Advanced Air Taser - 4 hours
Exposed Firearms - 14 hours - you will receive 8 hours of credit towards Phase 3
Arrest and Control Tactics "Handcuffing" - 4 hours
Security Officer Basic Course: 40 Hours - $572.00

This course is designed to meet or exceed employer criteria for unarmed, low risk, uniformed, security guard assignments. Emphasis is placed on the student’s responsibility as a security guard to accurately observe and report safety hazards and security violations to supervision, law enforcement or other public agencies. Academy students will learn to emphasize public relations, aspects of civil and criminal liability, , report writing, aspects of civil rights, basic arrest techniques, officer survival and more. The student may confidently enter the work place with the attitude, knowledge, skills, licenses and certifications necessary to perform effectively at this level of responsibility. This course of instruction with its selected modules is offered Monday through Saturday each week, excepting holidays. The course is designed to lead to employment as an unarmed security officer. Students will be required to pass a final examination covering selected aspects of the overall course of instruction.

1. Classroom note taking
2. Orientation
3. Ethics
4. Public relations and attitude
5. Emotionally disturbed persons (EDP)
6. Reporting unusual or criminal activity
7. Powers to arrest
8. Basic officer survival
9. Crowd Control
10. Handling Difficult People
11. Detention and arrest
12. Introduction to law
13. Report writing
14. Workplace violence awareness
15. Aspects of civil and criminal liability
16. Aspects of civil rights
17. Foot patrol
18. Blood borne pathogens
19. Safety awareness
20. Fire suppression awareness
21. Explosives and bomb threat procedures
Security Officer Basic Course with Exposed Firearms: 40 Hours - $750.00

This course will give you the same training as listed above in the Security Officer Basic Course. It also includes training for the Exposed Firearms Permit. This will allow the officer to carry an exposed firearms when on duty and working an armed position as assigned by your employer. This is the course required to work for many government locations and armored vehicle companies. Our price not only includes all of the class time but also Livescan fingerprinting, BSIS application fees and all range time.
Firearms rentals $10.00 per weapon Ammo - $25.00 per box of 50 rounds (plus sales tax). We currently have 38.357, 380, 9mm, 40S&W and 45 ACP available for rental.
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