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The next Exposed Firearms and Concealed (CCW) Course (Initial) will be held on January 13, 2018 (Classroom) and October 15, 2017 (Range). Renewals will also be held on January 14,2018. Our next Firearms Class schedule is as follows. January 27,2018 (Initial Exposed Firearms and/or CCW) - Classroom January 28,2018 - Range Day for CCW and Exposed Firearms Both Initial and Requals.
Taser Class and Pepper Spray Class will be held February 3,2018 Must have 3 student minimum signed up.




Security Officer Advanced Course Level 1
80 Hours - $1,795

This API Academy course is designed to give students an edge over their contemporaries in carrying out their assignments within the framework of state mandated guidelines and in strict accordance with established security industry standards of performance, reliability and excellence. This course of instruction and selected modules are offered Monday through Saturday of each week, excluding holidays. The course is designed to lead to employment as an armed or unarmed security guard. Students will be required to pass a mid-term and final examination covering selected aspects of the overall course of instruction.

1. Classroom note taking
2. Orientation
3. Ethics
4. Public relations and attitude
5. Emotionally disturbed persons (EDP)
6. Reporting unusual or criminal activity
7. Powers to arrest
8. Basic officer survival
9. Pepper spray/mace
10. Crowd Control
11. Detention and arrest
12. Introduction to law
13. Report writing
14. Workplace violence awareness
15. Aspects of civil and criminal liability
16. Aspects of civil rights
17. Foot patrol
18. Blood borne pathogens/disease prevention/AIDS awareness
19. Safety awareness
20. Fire suppression awareness
21. Explosives and bomb threat procedures
22. Advanced Air Taser Weapon
23. Firearms Pg. 2 Intermediate
24. PC 837, citizens arrest, search and seizure
25. Slips, trips and falls
26. Advanced report writing
27. Use of Force
28. Basic crowd control
29. Anger/stress management
30. Court testimony
31. Security assessment

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