Online Academy Courses

At API Academy we offer your guard card training in 2 forms.

1) Personal instruction - You can choose to train in a classroom environment
along with an instructor and other students for discussion

2) Online Training - You can choose to take your training online via your
computer - you can choose to take one (1) or all of your classes in the comfort
of your home at 2am if you choose.

Certain classes will not be offered online because of the nature of the classes. Among these are Exposed Firearms, Taser, OC / Pepper Spray, Handcuffing.

Among the online classes you can take are listed below




Phase 1 - Classes - $69.00

Powers to Arrest and Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD).

You will still need to get a background check (Livescan) and apply with the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) for your acctual LICENSE.  Additional fees will apply.

Refer to bottom of this page.

Phase 2 Classes - $25.00 per class - 4 classes - $100.00 for phase 2

Public Relations
Observation and Documentation
Communications and it's Significance

LIabilities and Legal Issues

Phase 3 Classes - $25.00 per class - 4 classes -$100.00 for phase 3

Officer Safety
Handling Difficult People
Workplace Violence
Crowd Control

How to get a California Guard-card.

Getting training for a California Security guard registration, known simply as a "guard-card", can be done through API
Academy online training feature. API Academy will  function as a "training entity" for you and NOT as an employer.  API Academy's online training feature offers CA Department of Consumer affairs' compliant courses for skills  training for security guards.

The course you will need to take first, so that you can  apply for a guard-card, is an eight (8) hour course called  "Powers to Arrest". The "Powers to Arrest" course is listed in the "Phase 1" category in the online training feature.  With a "print screen copy" of your approval from the State's  BSIS website and a valid ID you are allowed to start  working.

Within thirty (30) days of the approval of your guard-card or start of employment you must complete sixteen (16) additional training hours. These training hours include  four (4) mandatory courses.  Using API Academy's online training feature you will see these courses in the category "Phase 2". At this point  you will simply provide your employer, if you are employed, with copies of the course certificates.

The next required training hours are an additional sixteen (16) that include four (4) elective courses. These hours must be completed  within six (6) months of the approval of your guard-card or  start of employment. Using API Academy'sonline training feature you will see these courses in the category  "Phase 3".

Once the forty (40) hours of training are completed you then are required to complete eight (8) hours of training per year to maintain your guard-card. The State allows for you to complete all forty (40) training hours before applying for a guard-card should you choose.

Using the online training feature you will pay for your courses as you go along. You might want to consider taking the powers to arrest course and the courses for the first sixteen (16) training hours before you apply to the State.  This way you would have a full six (6) months to complete the remaining sixteen(16) training hours. Moreover, you may find an employer during that time that will provide or pay for the training hours.

To maintain a guard-card with the online training feature you only need to take eight course hours. 

You can select courses from any category and you can even repeat a course, such as the powers to arrest if you like.


Take the CA state required 8-Hour Guard 
Card Course to obtain your CA state certified training certificate.

Guard Card 

  • Register on this Website
  • Log in using your new username and password
  • Select the 'Guard Card Course'
  • Pay the $69.00 online course fee using your Credit Card
  • Take the course online and complete the final exam
  • You certificate will be on the online website for your download.



Go to a an official Live Scan location and 
get fingerprinted using the BSIS Live Scan security guard form. 
Fees :$ 51 (FBI & DOJ) + service 

Live Scan Fingerprints:

Click Here to download the Live Scan security guard form

  • Complete the form.
  • Go to the Live Scan location with your Live Scan security 
    guard form and get fingerprinted. They will submit the fingerprints to the 



Submit a Security Guard Application with 
the BSIS. This can be done online, or by mail.
Fees: $ 50 (by mail)
$ 51 (online)

Submit State Security Guard App:

Make sure to use the info from your certificate filling out the 
state's online form.

API Training Academy 
5548 Feather River Blvd
Olivehurst, CA 95961
Phone: 530-749-0283
TFF 1090


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